Class Schedule

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PARK HOUSE (Colfax & Madison)

Mon April 7th - 6pm LEGENDS (Level 8)
Mon April 7th - 7pm ROCKSTAR (Level 4)
Mon April 7th - 8pm NEWBIE (Level 1)

JONESY'S EATBAR (20th & Logan Downtown)

Tues April 8th - 6pm NEWBIE (Level 1)
Tues April 8th - 7pm REFRESH (Levels 1-4 Review)
Tues April 8th - 8pm PLAYLISTS

PARIS ON THE PLATTE (1553 Platte St)

Tues April 8th - 6pm ROOKIE (Level 2)
Tues April 8th WIZARD (Level 12)
Tues April 8th NEWBIE (Level 1)

LINCOLN'S ROADHOUSE (1201 S. Pearl & Buchtel)

Wed April 9th - 6pm LEGENDS (Level 8)
Wed April 9th - 7pm WIZARD (Level 12)

*All highlighted dates in the calendar are class start dates and run 4 consecutive weeks. Click on the date in the calendar to register*